Participating is easy

Anyone working in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and any student studying at a Luxembourgish secondary school or university can participate. Two to four people form a team regardless of their place of work, their school, their home and their individual routes and commuting hours. Every team member can commute on their own. Each team is coordinated by a captain who makes sure that every member fills in their calendar.

The challenge:

Every team tries to bike to the office or to school as often as possible, on at least 15 days between 15 May and 31 July. It is of course allowed to combine cycling with other public transport options to cover long distances.

Every team that succeeds at this challenge qualifies for the raffle that follows the end of the campaign. All teams composed of one or more members of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, as well as those involved in the making of the contest and their family members (spouse, ancestors and descendants) are excluded from the raffle. Attention: Every team member has to individually qualify in order to qualify the whole team! Those teams that win this raffle are then invited to an event, taking place during the European Mobility Week in September, to take part in the second big prize draw.

The Golden Gear Award

The Ministry of Mobility and Public Works award goes to the company/institution and school that got the most employees or students cycling. The teams do not necessarily have to be exclusively composed of people from the same firm or students from same school.

Attention schools: Teachers/professors are not students. Please do not register as a student if you are a teacher/professor. Register as an employee of your school.


A bailiff draws the number of winners from all the qualified teams corresponding to the total number of prizes available. These teams are then invited to an event in September during the European Mobility Week, where a bailiff will once again draw the names of the present teams to allocate the prizes.